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Only 1 color painting

Japanese painting with the different numbers of pigments in 1 color.

Pigments are made by crushing rocks finely. The color changes according to the roughness of the particles. As shown in the right picture, the size of the largest grain No. 5 is the darkest color.

As the numbers become larger, the colors become lighter.

​In this workshop, you choose 1 color and with its 6 different numbers paints you create a Japanese painting.

Date & Time : 10:30-13:00

Lesson fee : 3000 yen per person


Friday night painting with aperitif
Every month, the 1st Friday is
the Friday Nigh Painting !!
Membership fee : 500yen

Lesson ​Fee : 800 yen  for 30minuties

                       1500 yen  for 1 hour 

1 free drink : champagne,wine

or non alcohol

all charges included

Please feel free to contact us !






                  入会金   :              500円

       レッスン料:30分   800円

                          1時間 1500円


日本画レッスン with  シャンパン








One painting  will be completed in one time lesson which takes 2 hours and half, please choose your favorite day and time from the following schedule ; 


on   Thu

between from 10h30 to 14h30 

Fee : 3000 yen in total, all charges included

Please feel free to contact us !


Small size picture with Urazaishiki



11cm x 11cmの小さなサイズながら、パネル貼りの本格的な和紙を使った作品制作です。

レッスン:1回 2時間


料金:4,500 円(材料費込み)

◯ 午前クラス

西荻窪教室 (西荻窪駅徒歩4分)


Folding screen class

屏風広告英仏語 西荻窪.jpg
屏風広告日本語 西荻用.jpg

                    Bonjour !


Pour les débutants de la peinture, vous êtes bienvenus à notre atelier!

Rien à préparer, tout est prêt.

Le maître vous aide et enseigne en détail. 

En apprenant la base de la peinture japonaise, amusez-vous bien à faire un paravent original.

En 3 fois de leçons vous faites un paravent.

Le frais : 9,900 yens pour les 3 fois, tout compris.

       Hello !

For the beginner of painting, you are welcome to our studio! Nothing special to bring, all the art supplies are here.

The teacher help you, and teaches you in detail.

Learning the base of Japanese painting, please enjoy making the original folding screen.

You make a folding screen with 3 times of lessons.

​Fee : 9,900 yen in total, all charges included. 


At this workshop, we will hold a folding screen painting course.

Beginners of Japanese painting and those who paint for the first time are welcome!

The instructor will provide easy-to-understand instructions for first-time students.

You can actually stick your own paper on the board, create the back cover, create the edges from the skeleton, and draw your own original work using Japanese art supplies on the front. Of course, if you don't know the picture you want to draw, we will propose a flower, animal, or plant from here.


In three lessons, one two-fold folding screen is created.


Price: 7000 yen (3 times)

Duration: 1 lesson 90 minutes

: Please make a reservation every Thursday from 10:30 to 13:00.

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