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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

It describes what kind of thoughts you have when running this atelier, such as what the atelier should be, the biography of the instructor, and the policy. If all of you from now on come to sympathize with our ideas, we would be more than happy.


Our Story

On a hot summer day in 2017, our atelier opened by renting a room in the condominium behind the Keio Kindergarten in Hiroo as a store. When the store first opened, it was a Japanese painting class for foreign customers in English-speaking and French-speaking countries. From the beginning, I mainly taught Japanese painting as an experience in Japan, including tourist information, for several customers.

However, at the beginning of 2020, the pandemic that hit the world made it impossible to welcome customers from overseas, and suddenly we changed our direction to a classroom for Japanese people.

When creating a homepage for Japanese people, I wanted to welcome people who want to create something with high aesthetic sensitivity and a sense of tension.

It was not a classroom that accommodates a large number of people, but a classroom where the instructor politely welcomes customers as if they were serving tea to several people at the tea ceremony.

That policy hasn't changed.

It has been more than 20 years since I started painting, and more than 10 years have passed since I started teaching. In 2022, we opened a new classroom in Shinyurigaoka and are still exploring new possibilities.

We listen to the stories of the students who come every day, always keep the sensitivity high, think about what is required, and strive to make the classroom better.

There was a lot of help and interaction with customers before the atelier came to its current form. As a result, I think that the current classroom was completed. I don't think I could reach such a shape by myself.

With that in mind, I would like to give back to everyone the skills I have cultivated for those who are coming and those who are currently attending.


Representative Hayato Nakazawa

Our Studio


Meet the Team


Future exhibition schedule
Date: October 30th (Sun) -November 19th (Sat), 2022
"Kameyama Triennale 2022"

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