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​         Lesson Fee

Enrollment fee​:5,500 yen

If you apply for membership on the day of trial lesson, it is discounted from 5,500 yen to 3,300 yen.

*The price except the tax-included notion is tax excluded.

The lesson fee will be paid in cash on the day of the lesson. If you make a monthly reservation, please pay at the time of the reservation for the next month.


Time schedule

  Sunday  10:30〜12:30

  *If you would like have a lesson in a different time and day of the week,

       please contact us.


     Lesson fee (painting class)

Twice a month course : 9,900 yen

4 times a month course  : 17,600 yen

Trial lesson: 2 hours ¥ 1,650 ~  (tax included)

(Click here details of the trial lesson)​

  Art class

Japanese painting class

Twice a month   : 12,100 yen

​4 times a month    : 22,000 yen

1 time for experience : 2 hours 3,300 yen tax-included


Private lesson : 1 hour 16,500 yen

Please apply from 2 hours for the private lesson. It is available for the works in other art class are also possible , please contact us if you have any request.

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