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​About enrollment

Q. I am considering joining, what should I do?

A. Please let us know that you are a member from the application form, or you can come directly to the atelier.We also recommend that you visit the trial lesson once to get to know the atmosphere of the atelier.

Q. I'm a complete beginner, is that okay?

Of course it's okay.
Most of the attendees were beginners, and everyone who looked good was a beginner at first. If you continue painting for a certain period of time, anyone will surely acquire the basic skills. Whether you're aiming for a higher level as a creator or a beginner who has never drawn a picture, everyone is worried and nervous at first. At this atelier, we try to eliminate such anxiety as much as possible and provide guidance according to the purpose of learning painting.

Q How many trial lessons can I take?

A.  Please take the trial lesson only once per person.

Q Will I be charged a monthly fee if I take a whole month off?

A. If you take a whole month off, you will not be charged a monthly fee for that month. That month will be treated as an adjournment. Even if you return after a few months, you will not be charged an admission fee again.

Q If I apply for the twice-monthly and four-monthly courses, and if I cannot take the scheduled number of lessons for that month, can I transfer to the next month or later?

A.  Is possible. However, it cannot be used only by transfer. If you want to use the transfer, please apply for the regular lesson for the next month (twice a month), and after you have completed the regular lesson for the next month, you will be able to use the transfer for the previous month. The transfer is valid for two months, the month when the transfer is closed and the next month. If you do not use it within two months, your transfer right will expire.

QDo I have to prepare my own tools and motifs?

A.  Please prepare the basic painting materials for both painting and Japanese painting classes. Only in the Japanese painting class, you can use the common equipment such as glue, whitewash, and picture plate in the atelier. Regarding tools, the instructor and staff will individually guide you to what you need at the time of application or the first lesson. After joining, we will lend you all the tools in the atelier, including paints, until the first work is completed.If you want to draw a motif based on a photo, please bring your own photo. Atelier motifs can be used for items that can be prepared in the atelier. Also, if you have a motif that you want to draw yourself, you will need to bring it with you.

Q Where do you buy the tools?

A.  Japanese painting class panel Japanese paper is also sold in the atelier. For sizes not available in the atelier, you need to purchase them yourself. Regarding tools such as Japanese painting paints, we will give you a list of necessary painting materials and a list of Japanese painting materials stores to those who have joined, and will guide you individually. Since the tools for the painting class should be different according to the painting materials you want to draw, the instructor and staff will guide you individually after joining.

Q Is it possible to store tools and works?

A. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot store your work because we use a shared space that is rented on an hourly basis. Please take your own works and tools with you. Students do not need to bring the common equipment of Japanese painting, such as glue, ink, picture plates, brushes, and washing with water, as they will be provided by the atelier.

Q Why are the prices different between the Nishiogikubo classroom and the Shinyurigaoka classroom?

A. Since the location, environment, and facility usage costs are different, we will set the charges accordingly. There is no big difference in the lesson content itself.

Q Is it possible to move the class from the Nishi-Ogikubo classroom to the Shin-Yurigaoka classroom, or vice versa or transfer?

A. It is possible to move or transfer between classrooms. However, if you move from the Nishi-Ogikubo classroom to the Shin-Yurigaoka classroom, or if you make a transfer, there will be a difference in the admission fee and membership fee for each class. When transferring a one-time lesson, the difference in the lesson fee for one lesson will be charged.

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