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Japanese painting Lesson


Time schedule

    Sunday  10:30〜12:30

​   If you would like have a lesson in a different time and day of the week, please contact us.

*Lesson Fee

Twice a month    :12,200 yen

​4 times a month  :22,000 yen

1 time for experience : 2 hours 3,000 yen tax-included

Private lesson : 1 hour 16,500 yen

Please apply from 2 hours for the private lesson. It is available for the works in other art class are also possible , please contact us if you have any request.


Enrollment fee​:5,500 yen

If you apply for membership on the day of trial lesson, it is discounted from 5500 yen to 3300 yen.


The price except the tax-included notion is tax excluded.

The lesson fee will be paid in cash on the day of the lesson. If you make a monthly reservation, please pay at the time of the reservation for the next month.


*In regard to Tools

Tools such as glue, plates, and brush washing tools are all available free of charge.

You can also always use more than 100 colors pigments without charge in

first lesson. However it is necessary to purchase by yourself  Japanese paper, wooden panel, pigments and other tools other than the above. 

*Reservation and cancellation

Please contact us by 5:00 pm 2 days before the lesson day for both reservation cancellation.

No lesson day : Ther may be closed days for external lessons for group customers. In that case, we will notify on the website one month in advance.

*Event /Workshop

Workshops are held at the turn of the season or at the time of festivals. Details will be announced on the website. If you want to see past workshops, please look at it on the event page. 

Events and workshops will be charged differently depending on the content. 

​Click here​ for past event.


*About storage of your works

We cannot store your works in principle, so please take the work home with you.




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