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『What is a Japanese painting?』

I think many people think that way. For example, most of you would not have had the opportunity to draw Japanese painting during school drawing or art time.

One of the features of Japanese painting is that natural ore is crushed into powder and used as paint.


"I have never painted Japanese paintings" "I want to change my everyday life a little" "I want to start something new" I hope we can tell you the depth.


We are also welcoming customers not only from Japan but also from overseas. Beyond nationality, beyond language barriers, why not expand the world with our culture of Japanese painting?

Meet The Team


Hayato Nakazawa 


Japanese painting teacher

Tama Art University Graduate School.

After working as a university staff, art department teacher, painting class instructor, art preparatory school Japanese painting department chief instructor, etc.

In 2017, Atelier Le Pont-Cinq opened in Hiroo.  Moved to Nishiogikubo in 2018.

to his current position. Currently, he teaches Japanese painting and painting in general, along with his activities as a artwork.

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