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private lesson

private lesson

Shinyurigaoka-Kichijoji / Nishiogikubo area target

private lesson


I am thinking of taking an examination in the future, I am attending an art prep school but want to take more time to receive direct one-on-one guidance, I want to receive short-term guidance for open recruitment exhibitions, school issues I want you to help me with the production. We offer individual private lessons for such people. Courses range from one-off to regular frequency. A teacher who has been a chief instructor at an art prep school for many years and has a track record of passing many students to a first-class university will prepare a special curriculum just for you and provide one-on-one instruction. If you are in an area where you can travel, you can visit your home and give guidance.

benefit (worth)


Before taking the lesson, we will first conduct a hearing to clarify the purpose of the students. What kind of technology do you want to acquire, how long do you want to complete it, and what purpose do you want to achieve that goal? The instructor will propose a learning plan based on what you have asked. We will carefully explain to each student the time it takes to reach the goal from the current state, the current weaknesses, the necessary approach, etc.

Even if you just draw the picture blindly, it will not work. There are clear rules in painting, and it is necessary to learn and practice in the correct course of study according to those rules. Also, if you try to learn the skills on your own and go the wrong way, the cost-effectiveness of the time you spend will be very inefficient. In order to avoid such a situation, in this private lesson, we will take the time to listen carefully in advance and start the lesson after understanding the contents.

The lessons are aimed at helping students create correspondence education tasks for working adults, supporting children's exams, individual coaching, improving their hobby painting skills, and overcoming weaknesses.

Fee _

Regular lesson


Course attendance (1 lesson 60 minutes) (expiration date 2 to 6 months)


5 lessons  77,500 yen  

10 lessons   150,000 yen ​         

15 lessons 217,500 yen   

20 lessons 280,000 yen        

25 lessons 337,500 yen

30 lessons 390,000 yen ​​

private lesson   If you take only one lesson                     1 lesson (60 minutes)          16,500 yen


* Free consultation is available at any time only for Shinyurigaoka.

If you would like to take a private lesson or take an examination, we will respond individually.

Please contact us if you have a desired schedule.

All prices include tax.

* Transportation and venue fees will be charged separately for classes outside the Shinyurigaoka area.

* If you cancel from 2 days before the lesson date to the day of the lesson, a cancellation fee will be charged.

* Please contact us if you would like to take lessons outside the listed area.

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