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Painting class

This class is suitable for painting materials such as drawings, watercolors, pastel, and colored pencils. The instructor has been working as a chief instructor at an art prep school for many years, so this class is especially recommended for those who want to improve their drawing skills. Of course, you can draw your own favorite pictures, or you can set up a curriculum and set goals for lessons. Trial lessons are also available at any time. Let's start by having fun without having to stretch your shoulders.


​About attendance

* Lesson time   

Nishiogikubo classroom

  Every Sunday  10:30 am to 12:30 pm

(In principle, it will be closed on the 5th Sunday)  


Shinyurigaoka classroom

  Every friday  10:30 am to 12:30 pm

(In principle, it will be closed on the 5th Friday)  

* Admission fee

Nishiogikubo classroom  5,500 yen

Shinyurigaoka classroom 11,000 yen

(If you take a trial lesson and apply for enrollment on the day, the enrollment fee will be discounted from 5,500 yen to 3,300 yen for the Nishiogikubo classroom and 1,100 yen to 6,600 yen for the Shinyurigaoka classroom. I'll enjoy having this)

* Lesson fee (Nishiogikubo classroom)

Twice a month course  : 12,100 yen

4 times a month course  : 22,000 yen

Additional lesson: 4,950 yen / 1 lesson

* Lesson fee (Shinyurigaoka classroom )

Twice a month course  : 13,200 yen

4 times a month course  : 23,200 yen

Additional lesson: 5,500 yen / 1 lesson

Private lesson: 1 hour 16,500 yen ~ ( Click here for price details )

In private lessons, it is possible to teach with works other than Japanese painting. Please let us know if you have any requests.​​


* About payment

The lesson fee will be paid in advance in cash at the end of the month before the lesson month.

* About tools

The tools used for the first work of the lesson will be rented from the atelier.

After that, you will have to prepare each tool yourself. The instructor and staff will guide you through the necessary tools for each painting material.

* Reservation and cancellation

Please contact us by 5 pm the day before the lesson day for both reservation and cancellation.

* Regular holiday: There may be a holiday for group customers, such as seconded lessons.

In that case, we will notify you on our website at least one month in advance.

In principle, classrooms are closed on Sundays and Fridays of the month when the 5th Sunday  and  Friday are located.

* Event / Workshop

Workshops are held according to the changing seasons and festivals.

Details will be announced on the website.


* About storage of works

As a general rule, we cannot keep your work, so please take it home with you.

Pencil drawing trial lesson

If you are interested in pencil drawing, please take a trial lesson.Let's take it!

Can you draw so well in the atmosphere of the classroom or in one lesson? We will provide you with a wonderful experience. Pencil drawing trial lesson

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